Saturday, 10 March 2018

My blogging experience in 2017
Thank you to everyone who been supporting through out my blogging experience in 2017, just want to promise you the best in my next post. Stay tuned and subscribe to my new blog on WordPress  thats

Sunday, 17 December 2017


HAPPY NEW WEEK fashion lovers 

I once come across a quote that said ran away from average like its a plague, so lets be great.
This week i decided to focus on denim as i am a big fan of denim outfits, but when it comes to dressing up you know that i always slay and i try to differentiate myself from the average. 

For my denim challenge i decided to wear a denim short and a denim jacket completed by Balenciaga boots, as always i slayed the look


Guys one thing to keep in mind about denim jackets is that they should fit nicely because if it is oversized it will make you look fat. Remember that you will never go wrong with either a light blue denim jacket or a dark blue jacket.

I will share with you the few ways you can pair up denim jacket try black pants/ joggers/ jeans /chinos, colors mainly black/ blue and the color similar to the denim jacket  



Monday, 27 November 2017

how to look taller men's fashion episode 2

hello fashion lovers 

welcome to episode 2 of how to look taller in clothes, I've been receiving reviews from numerous people saying that i didn't really explained much about how a person below the average height can dress and look a bit taller. This week i will try to tackle the main points.

 On  the first episode i talked about avoiding loud colors, hear me right guys i didn't say you can't spice up the colors. Bear in mind that you should always try to wear monochrome hues colored clothes because colors sections your body,so if you wear monochrome colors everything just blends into one long object.Avoid horizontal stripes on both outfits whether the pants or the shirt.
 The other tip guys is to stay away from trench coats, you might think they make you look stylish but they really just make you look overweight and even shorter. Find a shorter jacket with hidden pockets that hits your hips just below the belt,they also make your legs seem a little taller because your legs won't be covered by the jacket.

The shoe that we wear also matters as well because if your shoe doesn't work with your outfit your soul will be sad, avoid wearing shoes that draws too much attention like a really bright vivid color shoe because they will draw attention to the lower part of your body and it makes you look shorter. Another tip make sure your pants are fitting well, for people below the average i suggest tailor made pants or outfits as i know how hard it is to find outfits for shorter guys.

My outfit of this week was suggested by Africa Uunique and Young Trends zw

Jacket - Young trends
Shirt   - Africa unique
pants   - Adidas
sock    - Africa unique
shoes   - Vans off the wall 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

How to keep it simple in casual

Happy new week fashion lovers. 
This week we are focusing on keeping it simple in a casual wear. 
This type of dressing suits everywhere with the boys or on a date. 

Keep it simple remember not to over do it. 
Wear a simple T-shirt or shirt with a slimfit or turn up trouser. 

Finish the look with some sneakers or tennis, a cap, a watch or a chain.

This week dressed by - young trends zw
Photo credits - epic media 263
Shoes - vans off the wall

Until next week 


Sunday, 8 October 2017



PHOTO CREDIT epicmedia
DESIGNED BY joel mambinge

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


Help me celebrate on the 5th of December as i launch my blog LORD JO3Y. 
The blog is targeting at promoting commercial modelling and TV hosing.
The blog is targeting at appreciating achievements made by the petite models.

come and celebrate with me on the 5th of December in morning-side kwazulu natal south Africa  

My blogging experience in 2017 Thank you to everyone who been supporting through out my blogging experience in 2017, just want to promise you the...